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Bio-Bubble Technologies is a pioneering company with the foresight of introducing a holistic approach for reducing the overall energy and carbon emissions of wastewater treatment. Bio-Bubble installations include full-scale municipal, commercial, industrial wastewater, sludge and domestic sewage treatment. Bio-Bubble Technologies is known for providing high quality, customised turn-key solutions. Our award winning process, Advanced Aeration, combines wastewater and sludge treatment within a single reactor.  With a wide range of engineering and process skills, combined with extensive management experience, Bio-Bubble employees provide clients with state-of-the art wastewater solutions. Our solutions offer the highest standards for greywater, industrial and irrigation purposes, whilst promoting environmentally friendly solutions to the global water community. Bio-Bubble Technologies further provides a wide range of sludge treatment solutions adaptable to the different needs of our customers.

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We offer a diverse range of process plants and equipment covering various disciplines of water and wastewater treatment in addition to sludge or solids handling and separation applications. If you find our range does not seem to quite meet your requirements, we do urge you to contact us as most of our products will provide a cost effective and long term solution to a wide variety of wastewater treatment and solids/ water separation applications.


COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS - whether large or small scale, Bio-Bubble offers innovative, customised, cost effective solutions with long asset life and the lowest carbon footprint for your projects.

  • Theme Parks

  • Business Parks

  • Golf Clubs


  • Football Clubs

  • Country Estates

  • Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs

  • Tourist Destinations

  • Nursing Homes

  • Kennels

  • Holidays Parks

  • Caravan & Camping Sites

INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS - whether you require removal of solids, oil or grease, or biodegradable organics, perhaps a reliable solution for the treatment of acids and alkali, you can be sure a Bio-Bubble plant will achieve the required standards.

  • Breweries

  • Wineries

  • Dairies

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Factories

  • Distilleries

  • Abattoirs

  • Food processing plants

  • Landfill Leachate

  • Decommissioning of explosive substances



Exceptionally Low Energy Input and Carbon Emissions: Energy consumption is low on average and fits comfortably within the capabilities of other processes.

High Quality Exceptionally Stable Effluent Discharge: A low sludge loading promotes very favourable environmental conditions to stimulate a healthy, naturally selected micro-organism proliferation.  Final effluent overall respective quality of 5: 3: 0.5 (TSS: BOD: NH3) with minimum or no requirements for tertiary treatment.

Low Sludge Waste Production – Lower than any other Process: Dynamic conversion of volatile matter to solid residue improves sludge stability and significantly reduces sludge waste. Average sludge waste production rate is 0.1 kg SS/ kg BOD removed per day while the maximum being produced from a municipal application is under 0.4 kg SS/ kg BOD per day.

Sludge Disposal to Agriculture: By transferring the sludge to Bio-Bubble Sludge Thickening; the most stringent UK and EU agriculture disposal routes by the simplest available and most economic method are met.

Odourless Operation: Advanced-Aeration requires no odour treatment for either secondary treatment or sludge thickening – even under full load during the hottest summer periods; odour will not be an issue.

  • High quality treatment and stable performance

  • Capacity to absorb higher shock loads than any other system

  • Exceptionally stable and low  sludge waste production

  • Odourless operation | Even at full load on the hottest day

  • Low carbon emissions | Unmatched by any other system

  •  Long asset life | Exceptionally longer than any other system

  • Exemplary track record | Unequalled by any other process

  • Low Life Cycle costing | Due to low maintenance and energy requirements

Muncipal Solutions

How the treatment process works

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  • Energy Efficiency Award 2007

  • Sustainable Business Award

  • Construction Employers Federation and Specify Construction Excellence Awards