Grundfos KP150 Range

KP - AP   


The Unilift KP are submersible drainage pumps suitable for temporary as well as permanent free-standing installation. The pumps are suitable for installation in a collecting tank.


The Unilift KP is a single stage drainage pump with semi open impeller, designed for pumping of drain water and grey wastewater.


All Unilift KP are delivered with or without level switch designated as A, AV or M for automatic or manual operation. The Unilift KP-AV variant for narrow pits has included a non-return flap valve for installation in the outlet. The strainer is clipped on to the pump housing.


The Unilift KP. Single-stage, submersible, stainless steel, drainage pump in a robust design with a discharge port placed on top of the pump.  The outer casing is made in one piece.


The mains cable and the cable of the level switch are combined in one vulcanized and water-tight plug, which is secured to the socket of the hermetically sealed stator housing.


The motor can be either a single or three-phase synchronous canned motor with liquid-filled rotor chamber and water-lubricated bearings.


The motor is cooled by the pumped liquid around the motor.


  • Enclosure class: IP 68

  • Insulation class: F


Single phase motors incorporate automatic overload protection which will cut out the motor in case of overload. When cooled to normal temperature, the motor restarts automatically.